Here you will find an overview of the different levels of driving skill. The learning objectives are based on your starting level. We differentiate between 6 skill levels.

Blue (Level 6)

I am a total beginner and have never been on skis before

Blue (Level 5)

I’ve been on skis before. It’s been a while. I think I can do the plow braking on flat terrain. (Minimum skills: snow plow)


Blue (Level 4)

I can ski on flat, blue slopes. I make the turns in the plow position. I can turn in both directions in very simple terrain or I still have (partly) difficulties with the turns in one direction. Minimum skills: plow turn / curves


Red (Level 3)

I have no difficulty skiing on blue slopes. I’ve also sied red slopes. On red slopes or on narrow passages, I still have difficulties. On blue slopes I sometimes manage to do the turns without putting the skis in the plow position (minimum skill: stem turn


Red (Level 2)

I have no difficulty skiing on red slopes. I have already skied black slopes, but I feel more comfortable on red slopes. I turn my skis in parallel (wide ski stance) on blue and red slopes. If it gets very steep, I sometimes have to bring my skis into the plow position (minimum skills: parallel turn / parallel ski control)


Black (Level 1)

I have no difficulty skiing black slopes. I can also control my speed in steep terrain and make turns with short radii. I am interested in skiing on steep slopes (in open ski areas, in the moguls or deep snow). (Short turn / parallel ski control short / carving short - master level)