Snowboard Skill Levels
Classify yourself according to the level system of the Scheffau ski and snowboard school to find the best possible lessons for you.
The learning objectives are based on your starting level. We differentiate between 6 skill levels.

Blue (Level 6)

I am a total beginner and have never been on a snowboard before.

Blue (Level 5)

I’ve been on the snowboard before. It’s been a while. I have difficulty driving straight ahead, but I manage to slide on the frontside and/or backside edge.

Blue (Level 4)

I can board on flat, blue slopes. I still have difficulties with both turnes / with the turn in one direction, but can slide in one direction. I only slide without making turns in steep terrain (drift turn).

Red (Level 3)

I can do both turns on blue and red slopes. I still have difficulties on narrow passages where I am unsure. On flat terrain I make the turns partly on the edge of the board. (Tilted turn)

Red (Level 2)

I have no difficulty in boarding on red slopes and I have already boarded on black slopes. In steep terrain I still have difficulty controlling the speed with shorter turns. On flat terrain I can also turn “fakie” (short turns - carving)

Black (Level 1)

On black slopes I have no difficulty in making short turns and controlling my speed. Carving is not a problem for me. I am interested in a freestyle course (alpine course / racing course). I am also interested in boarding off-piste (short turns - master level)