Here you will find frequently asked questions and our answers.

TOPIC: Ski school lessons for adults in the Scheffau ski school
Why are the adults not able to have 4 hours of instruction?
We want to offer our guests relaxed and free afternoons. Meet up with friends, go skiing alone, enjoy the hotel (sauna, swimming pool), soak up the sun while on vacation. Of course you can book a ski instructor on a private lesson basis. The very affordable afternoon tariffs offer financial advantages.

How long do I need as a grown-up beginner to ride with my friends?
Our beginners program is based on a 4-day ski course. Sunday 4 hours, Mon - Wed 2 hours in the morning. With this lesson you will be guided to the simple, blue slopes at the mountain station. Independent practice is therefore important. Our instructors will then explain which runs you can dare to do.

TOPIC: Ski school lessons for children in the Scheffau ski school
What is the program flow for the children’s courses?
When classifying on Sunday or Monday, the children are tested for their driving skills. Therefore, the different groups are divided according to skill levels. You can switch to a different group during the week.

Can the children be picked up by the teachers?
A teacher will be happy to pick up the children from day 2 at the ski rental “Hansis Sport Shop” at the valley station of the gondola lift and take them to the ski course. In the afternoon at the end of the course, the children are brought back to the valley station. Please register in the main office in Scheffau Dorf or in the mountain office and possibly also get the lunch care cards if you want to take advantage of this care.

My child is 3.5 years old. Can it already ride in the normal group?
We start with the under 4 year olds slowly in the mini trial lesson from 12.05 to 12.50. The teachers test whether the child in the “normal” group can keep up with the 4 - 14 year olds. The little ones (max. 3 ski minis) are introduced to skiing in a playful way by a ski instructor at lunchtime.

Can children who do not attend a ski course or only start a 2- or 3-day course at the race on Friday?
Only participants of a ski course can take part in the final race on Friday.

What nationality are the ski instructors?
We have many foreign language teachers, however we cannot guarantee a specific teacher for every guest. Both the adult and the children’s groups are linguistically mixed and the lessons are held in English, Dutch, German, etc.

TOPIC: Children’s Kaiserland of the Scheffau ski school
Do the children stay in the KinderKaiserland all week?
No, the children only stay in the children’s Kaiserland until safety on their skis (braking in the plow, turning, getting up independently, driving with a rope lift) is in place.

Can I take the children to the KinderKaiserland without a ski course?
No, the children’s Kaiserland can only be entered with our ski instructors. Lessons are from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.
At the mini trial lesson from 12.05 to 12.50 p.m. (children from 2-4 years) parents can also attend the lessons.

TOPIC: Discounts at the Scheffau ski school
What is the VIP pass - where can I get it?
The children receive the VIP pass after the ski week or after a 3-day ski course from the respective instructor. This pass contains the ability to drive (points that the child has achieved in the course. This means that the next course can be built up at this level. In addition, with this pass you will receive a 5, - Euro discount on the 4 and 5-day children’s course.

We have 2 children in the ski course, the whole family takes part in ski courses - what does the discount look like?
With the VIP pass you get a 5, - Euro discount on the 4 and 5 day children’s ski course.

Are there any discounts for students?
These are not provided.